What are the keys to a successful offshoring outsourcing?

What are the keys to a successful offshoring outsourcing – Image Source: The Internet

How do you know that offshoring is the best solution to maximise the potential of your company and to secure sustainable future growth?
The primary reason that companies choose to use offshore outsourcing as part of their business process is the cost savings achieved by low labour costs. But cost-cutting doesn’t amount to much if you are not achieving the optimum productivity to go with it. Let’s look at 3 keys to success.


As with all best business practices you need to have good communication with your workforce. Communication is a major factor of success or failure for any business and it is even more essential when you are offshoring. The ability of the offshore team to communicate seamlessly with their onshore colleagues is critical to your success. The rules of engagement should be established as the first priority of setting up your offshore team. It is important to test that they can work without any infrastructure interruptions like slow bandwidth, unreliable networks, inadequate tools, servers, desktops, etc. You should make sure there are adequate video conference and IM conversation facilities in place.

It is important that there is good infrastructure in place so the offshore team will not be slowed down due to issues not under their direct control. Even if you have staff that is highly skilled, if you don’t provide right business or technical environment, they will not succeed.
It is crucial that both your onshore and offshore staff share the same vision of achievement and it can be advantageous to meet directly by sending key onshore staff offshore to discuss directly with the team


The fact that you and your offshore teamwork in different time zones is inevitable, to solve the problem: improve communications effectively by exchanging information via email. Have a standard meeting time. Meeting online via an online network such as Skype should be maintained firmly either every day or every other day would be best. Plan for an hour of overlap at least between local and remote teams, It is good however to mutually identify those overlapping hours. Use this hour for synchronization and information flow between the teams and any planned joint team activities. It is good practice to not have a remote teamwork odd hours and having the local teamwork normal hours as it sends the wrong signal that the local team is more important. Additionally, the offshore team will come to resent this and naturally underperform. Remote teams are not just resources they are people too.


Having a successful business partnership with an offshore staffing services provider is a must. Essentially you retain full control over your own offshore staff an already established hosted business structure.

Professional offshore staffing companies are facilitators that are the easiest and most cost-effective way to enable the total process of setting up your offshore team. They look after the recruitment of staff through their in-house recruitment agencies. Interviewing and pre-screening candidates to help you to hire your own staff. They host, support and co-managed your staff providing office space, furniture, workstations, hardware, software IT Infrastructure, and connectivity. Offshore staffing services look after the day-to-day well-being of your staff through their own HR department, payroll, technical support, and operations management. Even helping to identify KPIs and performance metrics and the establishment of management frameworks. This all means is that you can concentrate on your core business with the daily minutia of doing business is taken care of.


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