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Much has been said about the Asian work ethic and nowhere is this more exemplified than in Vietnam. It is part of the culture of the country. Most Vietnamese place more emphasis on their roles, privileges and obligations within the family than on their own individual needs. It is quite common for parents to invest in their children’s education, especially when they show exceptional skills or talent, as this will contribute to the overall prosperity of the family group.

Youth is outstanding characteristic of Vietnam’s workforce

Those aged 21 to 34 already make up around 24% of the population. At this age people are at their healthiest and are able to learn better and work more efficiently and effectively. Vietnam produces 400,000 workers with Bachelor degrees and higher each year. With a young and well-educated population, Vietnam is poised to become the innovation hub of South-East Asia. Public spending on education is approximately 6.3% of GDP, much higher than the average for most low to middle-income countries, as well as some higher income countries such as Australia. Spending is focused on ensuring high enrollment and achievement and it’s paying off, too. In global rankings, 15-year-old Vietnamese children regularly beat those in the US and Great Britain in math and science.

Vietnamese students show an incredible aptitude for learning both at college and university, and it is also quite common for workers to spend their free time looking for ways to improve their education and hone their skills. Some companies, such as Remote Resources, understand the importance of English as the international language of business. Remote Resources is committed to staff development, and offers English classes in the early morning and in the evenings so its staff can improve their English skills.

Information technology and engineering are important areas in the tertiary education system

In Vietnam there are 290 universities offering training in these disciplines. Together with tax incentives and a business-friendly environment, all these circumstances help explain why Vietnam isn’t just a factory for basic global products. The economy is looking increasingly diversified and sophisticated, embracing new technology and innovation.

By 2020, the Vietnam government has targeted the booming IT industry to enter the top 10 suppliers of software outsourcing and digital content in the world, with around one million workers in the field of information and technology, and has prioritised education programmes to meet the demand for the increased workforce.

Self-confident and proud of their achievements and their country, Vietnamese talents are friendly and helpful and they generally have a positive and optimistic nature. They are respectful and polite to foreigners and seek employment with foreign companies as it is regarded as a sign of prestige and higher career achievement. Companies also find that Vietnamese talents are more loyal than workers from other countries. The attrition rate in Vietnam is between 6% and 8% compared with rates as high as 20% in India. The most efficient and easiest way to begin outsourcing to Vietnam is by working with a professional offshore staffing company. These local experts know the culture, labour market, and labour laws.

There are so many factors as to why Vietnam is the best choice for offshore staffing solutions for your business. Next we look at the importance of location.


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