Talented Vietnamese IT Workers in High Demand


Talented Vietnamese IT workers in high demand The IT sector continues to grow and Vietnamese IT professionals are happy working in outsourcing companies when they get job satisfaction and training. Working for a foreign company in Vietnam is highly regarded and leads to higher retention levels and better outcomes for employers and employees. Talented IT […]

A Working Culture Of Commitment


A working culture of commitment. Many studies show that employee commitment is high in Vietnam and this is closely connected to organisational benefits with positive influences on productivity, quality and competitiveness. What sets Vietnam’s work culture apart from the rest? The Vietnamese have a great sense of national pride created by their long struggle for […]

Why Vietnamese Talent


Why Vietnamese Talent Offshoring has become an attractive strategy for all kinds of enterprises. It can provide a range of advantages to companies looking to make cost savings especially in the cost of labour, but the fact that it allows the advantage of access to valuable resources such as human talent and expertise that is […]

Benefits of Hiring Remote Talent in Vietnam


Benefits of hiring remote talent in Vietnam Hiring highly experienced skilful staff from Asian countries has been common in the west for decades the Asian work ethic is well known throughout the world. But the cost of providing immigration services for employees and government policies of many Western nations have made it very difficult for […]

Vietnamese Working Spirit


Hard working, highly dedicated. Every business needs a strong degree of commitment from its employees. Employees who feel passionate about what they’re doing and make a personal investment in the businesses success. Committed employees do whatever it takes to excel, even if it means taking on extra tasks, or staying with the task until it’s […]

Better Work Life Balance


Better work life balance As employers, it has always been important to provide an adequate work life balance for staff. It is logical that there has to be a balance between their personal and professional life as it keeps employees happy, and maintains the health of the business. To ensure increased productivity it is vitally […]

Working Spirit, Retention, and Loyalty


Working Spirit, Retention, and Loyalty Vietnam has a population of 91 million people, and 64% are between 18 – 32 years old. These figures translate into Vietnam having entered a ‘demographic bonus’ period and substantial opportunities to drive the nation’s economic development. These young people are key contributors to the productivity and sustainable economic development […]

Vietnamese Talent: All You Want to Know About


Hard working, highly dedicated Much has been said about the Asian work ethic and nowhere is this more exemplified than in Vietnam. It is part of the culture of the country. Most Vietnamese place more emphasis on their roles, privileges and obligations within the family than on their own individual needs. It is quite common […]