Our Culture

Thought Leadership
Remote Resources aims to be at the forefront of thought leadership in our industry. Providing a modern and dynamic growth strategy for our team will ensure our clients have the best staff within their offshore team.
Best Practice
Remote Resources focuses to assess, package and share our own best practices, knowledge-sets, case studies and highly skilled and talented leaders to serve our clients as value-added resources to fuel their business growth.
Professional Development
Remote Resources works with different professions in which no two paths are exactly the same. With our flexible and varied professional development offerings and career resources, our staff can tailor their journey to their unique needs.
Personal Development
Remote Resources believes in a strong work/life balance. We support and provide several activities to ensure the personal growth of our employees.
Hobbies & Interests
It can't all just be work, work, work! We support our employees personal hobbies and interests by organizing and encouraging everyone to participate in several activities reinforcing the team building environment we hold.

Our Values

Remote Resources believes in being a transparent business partner for our clients. This is seen through our transparent pricing model and close working relationship.
Remote Resources, like its team, is constantly evolving. We believe that diversity brings us closer and reinforces our strength. As such, our global solutions are adaptable to our client's business requirements.
Remote Resources believes in positive globalization. In the digital age, borders are less noticeable. It is only our cultures and languages that separate us. Remote Resources works to bridge the gap between countries, focusing on strengthening the understandings of each others culture whilst breaking down communication barriers.
Remote Resources is a responsible company and as we become a strong part of our client's business it is imperative that we ensure we cascade strong responsibilities on to our own employees ensuring there is accountability on all aspects.
Remote Resources is a very flexible company. We are confident that we can create a global solution for businesses of all sizes and in all industries accelerating their growth and profitability.

Dung Le

Human Resources

Our DNA approach ensures respect, tolerance, trust and fairness to our clients, employees and management.

Our Causes

Remote Resources believes that our company and our employees should be aware and responsible for the environment we live in. Remote Resources actively participates in activities to educate and re-enforce this knowledge to the community around us.
Homeless & Disabled
Remote Resources believes that giving back to the less fortunate is important in staying humble and appreciative for what we already have. Remote Resources supports the local community and charities that are focused on supporting the homeless and disabled.
Wildlife Protection
The team at Remote Resources are passionate about ensuring we protect endangered animals and the conservation of wildlife around Asia. We work on awareness campaigns to educate the communities of this importance.
Poverty Alleviation
Remote Resources donates and volunteers at several NGOs focused on poverty alleviation. We aim to create self sustaining initiatives for the under-privileged enabling them to support themselves and their families.
Family & Community
Remote Resources is a family orientated company. We encourage our staff to involve their families in all of the internal activities we conduct, allowing our staff to bridge the gap between home and work.

Who we support

Remote Resources donates, volunteers and works towards the same goals as our partnered Non-Profits and NGOs.


If you want to be a part of a global, dynamic and supportive professional team then Remote Resources can provide you with the career path to achieve your goals.