Encouraging Educational Partnership


Encouraging Educational Partnerships Vietnam is encouraging educational partnerships with foreign providers in a wide range of fields, including IT, telecommunications, electronics and electronic commerce, and engineering. Vietnam is the 15th most densely populated country in the world, and 39 percent of the population is aged under 25. Consequently, Vietnam has extensive potential for jobs development […]

Recognising The Value Of Multilingualism


Recognising The Value Of Multilingualism Linguistic distribution is often highly sought after because multiple ways of communication are required in today’s global marketplace. Languages and culture are stimulating business and commerce more than ever. A particular value to employers looking at offshore recruitment options is that overseas staff may be multilingual, and thus meet a […]

Educated and Work-Ready


Educated and Work-Ready Education in Vietnam’s schools is about to change its focus, and this is great news for employers because more and more school leavers will be graduating work-ready. Education and respect for teachers are traditional values embedded in the culture of the Vietnamese people. They live in a society that values gifted students […]

Tapping Into A Young And Educated Workforce


Tapping into a young and educated workforce The future is bright, with an increasing talent pool available over the coming decades. Many multinationals are investing in Vietnam and for good reason. Vietnam places a high premium on education and recognises the value of having a young success-focused workforce driving its economic growth. Tapping into Vietnam’s […]