Hire Great Remote Staff At 1/3 Of A Singaporean Rate

Photo by cottonbro studio. Remote staff employee

In the last decade, major international corporations have established large remote staff operations in Vietnam to outsource their software development. Vietnam’s young workforce – 70% of its population are under 35 – are increasingly the ones writing the code, developing the apps, or designing the websites and graphics companies around the world rely on. And […]

Understanding Offshoring Vs Outsourcing


Understanding Offshoring vs Outsourcing Offshoring is considered lower risk than outsourcing or near-sourcing, as your company maintains control by providing the project guidelines and milestones, so everything is done the way you want it. It’s important to understand the differences between offshoring and outsourcing when considering your company’s next strategic move. Offshoring is equivalent to […]

Specialised Staffing Solutions


Specialised Staffing Solutions An offshore team dedicated to your specific business needs can be an asset to any organisation, and remote staffing is an effective way to accelerate projects and boost your business profile while saving money. By choosing a remote staffing a solution your company can put the hard work of recruiting in the […]

Recognising The Value Of Multilingualism


Recognising The Value Of Multilingualism Linguistic distribution is often highly sought after because multiple ways of communication are required in today’s global marketplace. Languages and culture are stimulating business and commerce more than ever. A particular value to employers looking at offshore recruitment options is that overseas staff may be multilingual, and thus meet a […]

Educated and Work-Ready


Educated and Work-Ready Education in Vietnam’s schools is about to change its focus, and this is great news for employers because more and more school leavers will be graduating work-ready. Education and respect for teachers are traditional values embedded in the culture of the Vietnamese people. They live in a society that values gifted students […]

Offshoring Has Changed The Way Of Doing Business That Makes Sense In Today’s Global Economy


Offshoring has changed the way of doing business that makes sense in today’s global economy All businesses need to take on various non-core activities to manage their business effectively. These day-to-day activities can consume resources that reduce the overall profitability of the organisation. Offshoring some of these activities to another entity that is better at […]

Tapping Into A Young And Educated Workforce


Tapping into a young and educated workforce The future is bright, with an increasing talent pool available over the coming decades. Many multinationals are investing in Vietnam and for good reason. Vietnam places a high premium on education and recognises the value of having a young success-focused workforce driving its economic growth. Tapping into Vietnam’s […]

Vietnam Has The Right Talent-Base For Your Remote Team


Vietnam has the right talent-base for your remote team It doesn’t matter what size your business is, Remote Resources can find an offshore staffing solution to meet your needs – you can expand your team and find the right people for the job by using Remote Resources’ comprehensive and hassle-free recruitment process. A successful remote […]

Recruitment and why location is a key consideration


Recruitment and why location is a key consideration How to set up part of your business offshore and what to look for in an offshore staffing company. Why you should consider Vietnam, especially Ho Chi Minh city as the best location. Setting up part of your business offshore can be daunting for some, however with […]