Hire Great Remote Staff At 1/3 Of A Singaporean Rate

Photo by cottonbro studio. Remote staff employee

In the last decade, major international corporations have established large remote staff operations in Vietnam to outsource their software development. Vietnam’s young workforce – 70% of its population are under 35 – are increasingly the ones writing the code, developing the apps, or designing the websites and graphics companies around the world rely on. And […]

Hiring a Team of Toys Designers in Vietnam

Outsourcing toys designers has been a budding business in Vietnam. There are also many factories in the country that produce toys and other products for children and kidults. Plenty of toy Product Designers in Vietnam have the experience that only comes from years of working on this type of projects at an industrial scale. Our […]

Building a successful remote team


Building a successful remote team It is important to have clear objectives and goals. A successful offshore outsourcing strategy starts with clearly defined objectives. These objectives define expectations and can be used to evaluate and measure how successful or unsuccessful your strategy is. Measurable goals or set achievement timelines are the best way to gauge […]

How To Hire Exceptional Experienced Vietnamese Talent


How To Hire Exceptional Experienced Vietnamese Talent Many companies looking for professional skilled IT workers to fulfil their vacancies look overseas to the Asian market when recruiting. Increasingly Vietnamese talent is found to be superior to other countries in the region, researchers have found that Vietnam consistently performs better than other developing countries and is […]

What Is A Hybrid Captive And Why Ho Chi Minh City Is An Ideal Location.


What Is A Hybrid Captive And Why Ho Chi Minh City Is An Ideal Location. Setting up Hybrid Captive Centres in Vietnam and choosing Ho Chi Minh as the location. A Hybrid captive is where one company performs a core business processes for a parent company, where some or a significant portion of non-core work […]

Understanding Offshoring Vs Outsourcing


Understanding Offshoring vs Outsourcing Offshoring is considered lower risk than outsourcing or near-sourcing, as your company maintains control by providing the project guidelines and milestones, so everything is done the way you want it. It’s important to understand the differences between offshoring and outsourcing when considering your company’s next strategic move. Offshoring is equivalent to […]

Finding The Right Staff Is A Streamlined Process


Finding The Right Staff Is A Streamlined Process Recruitment processes are as vigourous in Vietnam as they are in your home country, and you can attract great staff with minimal effort. By choosing a reputable offshore provider for your project your company can quickly and cheaply target the ideal employee(s). Offshoring can produce first-class employees […]

A Stable And Secure Trade Partner


A Stable And Secure Trade Partner Vietnam is a stable trade partner and secure country which is open to free trade and is committed to making itself competitive.  Ho Chi Minh City is a prime business environment, located in the heart of Vietnam – currently one of the most productive and exciting economic centres in […]

Managing The Implications Of Offshore Staffing


Managing The Implications Of Offshore Staffing Managing change within a company can be challenging at the best of times. Understanding the impacts on stakeholders including employees and customers is very important. By taking a consultative role, management will be able to respond quickly and appropriately to any questions which arise during the offshore transition, either from […]